The online gambling industry has been greatly boosted by the presence of the free online casino slots “Harlecoin” online. It is a multi-player online slot machine that has been developed by the progressive slot machine corporation Harlequin Interactive. It has many exciting features and it can be easily integrated into your online casino slot games if your slots software allows it. Some of the important features of the Harlecoin are:

* It has free spins on all its five machines. This means that there are always some good jackpot values to be won on these slots. There is also a free spinning reels program that gives players the opportunity to choose between regular and limited coin jackpots. The jackpot values of the free slots are not fixed and depend on a variety of factors including how many players are at the online casino, how the slot machine is situated, and what the odds of the slot machine winning are. So while this feature may sound like it will only boost your bankroll, it actually provides you with better chances of winning because it offers higher values per reel spin.

* It has integrated support for a number of popular online gambling currencies. Players from around the world can play online casino slots through its free online slot verdicts feature. The free spins offered by the Harlecoin give players the opportunity to play with coins from the US dollar, Canadian dollar, British pound, Euro, Japanese yen, and Swiss franc. Some of its slot verdict features include the bonus coins, bonus double play, highest guaranteed payout, best combination payout, and highest jackpot value.

* It has integrated the use of one payline that gives every symbol for every game a unique code that cannot be copied. Each symbol is assigned a specific value based on a preset algorithm. This feature provides real-time information on all symbols used in the slots and allows the player to win instantly once he recognizes the symbol he just picked. In addition, since every symbol differs according to the currency used in the slot, this feature further protects the jackpot value from getting depleted. As long as there are symbols being played, the jackpot is kept intact.

* In addition, the software from Harlecoin allows users to view the symbols in different colors. By coloring the symbols, players can differentiate which icons are paying off well and which have less winning pays. By assigning different colors to certain icons, they are able to easily determine which icons to stop or continue playing with depending on the amount of money they are paying. Some other useful features such as slot multiplier, bonus multipliers, and hot money multipliers ensure a win at any online casino.

Playing online slot games has never been easier thanks to the software developed by Harlecoin. Its integrated technology helps slot players win more while enjoying the convenience of their homes. Users are also able to use it in any of the many casinos operated in the UK including the official ones. Online casinos in the UK to offer several free slots to attract new players while the more popular casinos accept only the most popular online poker platforms.

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